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Looking for some fun facts about Belgium? You’ve come to the right place!

There’s much more to Belgium than beer, chocolate, and waffles. This treasure of Belgium facts is proof of that.

TOP 10 Interesting facts on Belgium

  • The word “spa”, that’s being used to talk about places to relax and get wellness treatments, comes from the Belgian city Spa.
Spa (Belgium) -
  • Belgium is a multinational state with most Belgians being a part of one of two communities, the Flemings from the north who speak Dutch or the Walloons in the South who speak French.
  • It’s the first country in the world to introduce electronic identity cards to its inhabitants.
  • The Belgian coastal tram is the longest tram line in the world, being 68 km long. It opened in 1885 and operates between De Panne and Knokke-Heist, which is from the French border to the Dutch border.
Public transportation in Belgium: trains, trams, metro & more | Expatica
  • During the night, Belgian highways can be seen even from the Moon – that’s how well-lit they are. The country is one of the global leaders in terms of road and railway density. It also has some of the highest gasoline prices, too.
Belgium can (still) be easily spotted from space - This must be Belgium
  • Belgium is the birthplace of the saxophone, the world’s first newspapers, a mathematical model the FBI uses for collecting fingerprints, and the technique of oil painting.
  • The only Belgian race car, the Vertigo, once held the Guinness World Record for fastest acceleration from 0-100km/h in 3.266 seconds.
Gillet Vertigo.5 Spirit Is Belgium's Premier Supercar
The Fallen Astronaut memorial on the Moon - The first sculpture beyond our  planet
  • The capital of Brussels is home both to NATO and the European Union.
  • The longest “bar” in the world is Leuven’s Oude Markt. It has around 40 cafés on one square.
Oude markt in Leuven - Park Inn by Radisson
Leuven Oude Markt

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To make your trip eventful to Belgium, it will be very helpful to brush up of your Belgian and French-speaking skills.

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