A Popular History of Ireland - Volume 2 by Thomas D'Arcy McGee

A Popular History of Ireland – Volume 2 by Thomas D'Arcy McGee

Thomas D’Arcy McGee was an Irish refugee and a father of the Canadian confederation. His work on Irish history is comprehensive, encompassing twelve books

Book 8, subtitled “The Era of the Reformation”, addresses the late Tudor period, particularly the reigns of the children of Henry VIII, and ends with the end of the reign of Elizabeth I.

Book 9 subtitled “From the Accession of James I Till the Death of Cromwell”, addresses the early Stuart period’s unsettled history and the actions of that person, who, seen from the Irish perspective, was certainly one of the most villainous of men: Cromwell.

Book 10 subtitled “From the Restoration of Charles II to the Accession of George I”, addresses the period of the restoration and the further oppresion of the Irish people and religion.

Book 11 subtitled “From the Accession of George I to the Legislative Union of England and Ireland”, addresses the 1700s, the Georges, the further oppression of the Irish people, and the final dismissal of the Irish Parliament.

Book 12 subtitled “From the Union of Great Britain and Ireland to the Emancipation of the Catholics”, addresses the period of the creation of the United Kingdom to the granting of religious freedom in Ireland.

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