cruise of the snark


The Cruise of the Snark was published in 1911. Written by Jack London, this memoir is an illustrated account of the South Pacific sailing voyage Jack, his wife, Charmian, and a small hired crew took over the course of 2 years in a ketch. Detailing their trip across the Pacific from 1907-1909, the memoir was responsible for boosting the popularity of this sport. Snark is the name of the ketch by which they traveled, measuring 43 feet long and had two masts. Some spots they reached by the Snark include Hawaii and the Solomon Islands, providing a rare glimpse into destinations and their inhabitants far off the beaten track.

London’s beautiful detail of their voyage, beginning with the the building of the Snark, makes this memoir a fascinating account of two individuals who knew almost nothing about sailing prior to their trip. Jack London actually learned “on the job”, teaching himself navigation and the basics of sailing. He also learned how to surf when he visited Hawaii.

The Cruise of the Snark was yet another successful book for London, earning him the respect of a true adventurer with his wife Charmian. It is funny and difficult to put down! If you want a great read, get it from All You Can Books right now for free.