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The Dawning Ore by Ion Light

The Dawning Ore | Ion Light

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Planet Tamor is a peculiar world, full of anomalies. The last Fall resulted in radically changed social and political landscapes due to a pandemic, loss of employment, government overthrows, riots, rallies for world change- and yet, strangely enough- the majority of the world watched it unfold through the Cloud, downloading information from the world and the Gift directly into their dreams.Troubles abound, but some find themselves more troubled than others. Guided by the hope of the Emissary, they approach the coming of AI, Singularity, as if it were simply the birth of a new life. Should the world survive the encounter, there is the promise of becoming the newest member of the Milky Way’s Confederation of Planets.

Immortals’ Requiem by Vincent Bobbe

Immortals' Requiem | Vincent Bobbe

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There are beings that live a shadow’s breadth from our reality…They are the dreams and nightmares of humanity, the ancient seeds of fairy-tale and superstition. These are the Immortals, creatures of magic that should live forever… and they are fading.When a horror two thousand years dead returns to contemporary England, creatures long thought lost to myth and legend collide in a scramble for survival that could tumble civilisation back into the dark ages of blood and death.Immortals’ Requiem is a Tolkienesque grimdark fantasy based in both a modern day city and vast supernatural worlds. If you like the idea of a drunken elf with a shotgun, an ancient warrior with a chainsaw and a whole host of violent supernatural beings you’ll love this multiple award winning fantasy bestseller!

American Sinner by Michel Poulin

American Sinner | Michel Poulin

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1973 Los Angeles : Young Patricia Love is continuing her university studies (and her partying) at the UCLA, while Jennifer Woods strip dances in a Santa Monica cabaret for a living and Sylvia Thorne plays the professional dominatrix by night. Three young women living by the three ‘S’: Sex, Sin and Seduction. Three lives controlled by a supremely beautiful but also powerful and immortal being named Delicia, a being capable of using the highest magic. Originally meant to be evil, Delicia has an unusual streak of good in her, a streak that is gradually emerging and affecting more and more her actions. Those actions are however increasingly attracting the attention of both the Lords of Hell and of the angels hunting down demons like her.

AMERICAN SINNER is strictly meant for adult readers. It is however more of an Urban Fantasy story for adults than a pure Erotica novel and mixes in as well elements of science-fiction.

The Rescue of Timmy Trial by E. M. Wilkie

The Rescue of Timmy Trial | E. M. Wilkie

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This is the first book in the Aletheia Adventure Series. In this Series, Bible Truth comes alive through imagery, allegory, and other illustrations – in fantastic, exciting adventures. In this story, the children must rescue their lost friend, Timmy Trial, from the dreaded Snares of Err. But do they really know how to defeat these foes? Have they armed themselves adequately for the fight? Or will they fail to rescue Timmy Trial? They must learn the Bible Truth of Redemption to understand where true freedom is to be found. The book includes 27 illustrations. The next 2 books in the series are available free with this book!

The Gilgamesh Project – Book I – The Codex by John Francis Kinsella

The Gilgamesh Project - Book I - The Codex | John Francis Kinsella

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Barry Simmonds is a small-time lawyer in Belize, a small not very rich Central American country squeezed between Guatemala and Mexico. His principal business is setting up and servicing offshore companies and bank accounts for British, Russians, and others wanting to hide their money. Concealing the ownership of businesses and property behind opaque locally incorporated firms, for the purpose of tax avoidance, evasion and money laundering, was his stock-in-trade. Barry had been looking forward to an early retirement, but runs into difficulties after carelessly drifting into business with a group of unscrupulous investors. As executor of a recently deceased client’s estate Barry makes a startling discovery that he hopes will solve the problems threatening to submerge him…

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