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Know the World: India

All You Can Books: Travel Series India often attracts generalizations and stereotyping, but more often it defies them. After all, it is an enormous and varied place with the genetic, linguistic, culinary, and sartorial diversity which are usually found in a continent. We are here today to discuss some interesting facts about this magnificent country, […]

Know the World: Saudi Arabia

All You Can Books: Travel Series On September 23, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrated their National Day.  Buildings, roads, and cars are decorated with Saudi flags, there are traditional festivals, folklore dances, songs, and friends and family come together to mark the occasion. Saudi National Day commemorates the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi […]

Know the World: Norway

All You Can Books: Travel Series Stunning fjords. Snow-dusted mountains. Dancing Northern Lights. Heart-shaped waffles slathered in fresh berry jam. Beds that feel like clouds. And a never-ending supply of heated bathroom floors. These are just a few things that I personally love about Norway; things that will likely keep me coming back for years to […]

Know The World: South Korea

All You Can Books: South Korea Facts about South Korea you’ll read below will totally wow you. It is called the Impossible Country for going from a war-torn wasteland to one of the most thriving economies in the world, South Korea has a distinct culture and history which has only recently reached an international audience.  […]

Know The World: Greece

All You Can Books: Greece Γεια σας! Hello! Welcome to Greece – the southernmost country in Europe. It is divided into the mainland, the peninsula south of the mainland called the Peloponnese and the thousands of islands in the seas around it. Greece is one of the oldest countries in Europe, with a history going back thousands of years. […]

Know the World: Russia

All You Can Books: Russia We’ve highlighted some of the most surprising facts about Russia. Think you know everything there is to know about Russia? You might want to think again. Let’s take a dive inside one of the world’s most mysterious nations. Top 10 Interesting Facts on Russia The Deepest Lake in Russia Lake […]

Know the World: Turkey

All You Can Books: Travel Series If you’re thinking about learning Turkish it’s always good to know a little about the origins and history of the language you are learning. Here, All You Can Books offers the most interesting Turkish facts. Top 10 Interesting facts on Turkey The Turkish language was first spoken in Mongolia, before being strongly […]

Know the World: Belgium

All You Can Books: Travel Series Looking for some fun facts about Belgium? You’ve come to the right place! There’s much more to Belgium than beer, chocolate, and waffles. This treasure of Belgium facts is proof of that. TOP 10 Interesting facts on Belgium The word “spa”, that’s being used to talk about places to relax […]

Know the World: Spain

All You Can Books: Travel Series We have traveled some parts of the Globe together. This time we have set sail to the land of beautiful Beaches. Let’s grab a beer, rest ourselves on a hammock in shade and leave our COVID worries aside and enjoy the beautiful views of Spain. Top 10 Interesting Facts […]

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